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Fin, Ring and Smarty Ring - The 3 Startups fighting for space on your finger

5. Apr 2014

Fin is a wearable gadget being developed by a group of young engineers in Cochin. Their company, RHL Vision Technologies was on of the first to be incubated at the Startup Village in Cochin, Kerala.

Fin was one of the top 15 gadgets at the 2014 TechCrunch CES Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas. It has raised $200,000 on crowd funding platform Indiegogo, in March 2014 and the company is gearing up to opening it's online pre-order platform at their website

Fin has certainly created a buzz around the world, in tech circles. But will the ride be smooth? There is strong competition brewing in the name of "Ring"!

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Will Portable Paperback Book Reader by Pune Startup, Ieyze, be the first Indian innovation, to charm the global market?

25. Mar 2014

Ieyze, a Pune startup founded by Sharad Kale a Computer Science Fresher is developing a feature rich paperback book reader.

The idea is cool! Pick up the book you just ordered on Flipcart, attach the device from Ieyze, slump into your favorite sofa, close your eyes and have the book read to you! Page by page! The innovative product being developed by Iyeze a startup founded by Sharad Kale, a Pune University CSE fresher, could be a global market mover, with it's great features.

Could this be the first Indian product to be lapped up by the voracious readers, in the US?

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Will the startup FreeKall be the next big thing out of India?

05. Mar 2014

Call everyone free! FreeKall, brings voice over IP services to those without internet access

For those who do not mind the annoyance of advertisements right in the middle of a conversation, a team of engineers in Bangalore has a free voice calling service for any part of the world. Termed FreeKall, it brings voice-over-internet-like services to those without internet access. The idea, which was thought up in the dorm of M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bangalore, was launched as a service last Saturday. Still in beta, or testing phase, nearly four lakh FreeKalls have been made so far.

The company is aiming for 10 million calls a day in India and expects revenue of $30 million ( 185 crore) by the end of the next fiscal.

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Robots that fly and cooperate - Robotics at its best!

25. Feb 2014

Presentation at TED by Professor Vijaya Kumar Roboticist in the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Vijay Kumar wowed the 2012 TED audience with his (and his team’s) flying quadrotors, small, agile robots that swarm, sense each other, and form ad hoc teams

These tiny flying robots can enter buildings for surveillance and even create 3D maps of the interior

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Incubators in India
A Recent List of Startup Incubators in India

18. Feb 2014

Here is a list of incubators for you to pitch in!

Startup Incubators in Bangalore


NSRCEL - IIM Bangalore


Startup Incubators in Mumbai

SINE - IIT Mumbai

IAN Incubator

Startup Incubators in Chennai

The Startup Center

Startup Incubators in Hyderabad

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at IIIT Hyderabad


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Internet Marketing
SEO & Internet Marketing

25. Jan 2014

Being what they are, startups need to fight against time, all the while, to create & maintain their online identity.

Get Online, Early. Don't wait for everything to be perfect, before creating your startup's online properties.

Create a Landing Page & Run Test Ads. Introduce the concept and test the level of interest among your target audience, by running a trial campaign

Create Social Media Presence. Again! Don't wait for perfection! Start off with Facebook and Twitter accounts and run trial ads

Determine the most effective online medium for advertising. Run ad campaigns on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Compare costs and effectiveness

SEO requirements. Build SEO requirements into your website, from early stage by taking care of structural aspects

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Bootstrap Your Startup
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Bootstrap Your Startup

14. Jan 2014

You are "bootstrapping" when you are fueling your project with own resources together with any early stage customer revenue. So what are the 10 big reasons that drive founders to bootstrap?

Avoid distraction. Bootstrapping helps you to avoid the distraction of fund raising and focus on what you are good at; developing concept, into a product! Running behind investors at early stage, could cripple & delay the progress of product development.

Faster release. Startups tend to reach release milestones faster, when bootstrapping. The fact that funds are limited and need to hit the market sooner, pushes the team to work more efficiently and produce product versions that can be tested in the market.

Less complex, lean and smarter. The stories of fancy startup ideas, funded to the teeth, falling by the way side, are well documented. With assured funding, entrepreneurs tend to work on a more complex product, even before the concept is tested in the market. Bootstrapping always results in lean, mean early versions, which can be developed further, based on customer feedback

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Startup Valuation
Pre-money Valuation - Tips

05. Jan 2014

The talk of pre-money valuation comes up every time a company lines up for external funding. Let's look specifically at the first external infusion that a startup seeks and understand pre-money and post-money valuation, in that scenario.

As part of routine assessment, investors may ask for a financial projection over couple of years. However, for a startup which is in pre-revenue stage, the valuation is never done on the basis of such projection of it's potential earnings. The projections help to understand roughly, the range of revenue expected and to compare and validate it, with that of similar companies.

The valuation instead, is based on the extent of fund sought to be raised by a startup. It has pretty little to do with what the start up has incurred so far or what the start up could generate as revenue. As such, at the early stage, the value of a company can be taken as close to zero. But Pre-money valuation is not!

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