CoworkZone (Madhapur, Hitech City - Hyderabad) provides extremely stable, fail proof internet service on WIFI. The focus is on ensuring ZERO loss of productivity, so essential for software development teams. The facility has three Fiber lines from 3 different nodes, ensuring superb back up. Our team ensures internet availability by switching to back up lines in the event of any failure by service providers


100% Power BackUp

100% reliable power supply is the lifeline for software development work. We have taken pains to ensure availability of more than adequate Diesel Generator Capacity, to drive even the air-conditioning system, in the event of a failure, by the Board. You can rest assured that there will be 100% power availability, 24x7! So, no need to sweat, even in peak summer.

*100% Power Back-Up


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is ensured for all your computing needs by adequately sized pure sine wave UPS systems. No flicker or momentary disruption would happen when there is a DG set switchover. In effect, your team will never notice power failure, since our teams continually monitor power supply by the Board, DG set operation and UPS availability.

House Keeping


Unlike numerous costly business centers, CoworkZone has internal staff supervised directly by our floor managers, to take care of housekeeping, on a continuous basis. Every spill, speck of dirt is removed instantly. The washrooms and common areas are kept spotlessly clean. We deliver clean, cool, absolutely hygienic environment for you to work. Come! Experience CoworkZone! »



All major equipments are supported by Annual Maintenance Contracts by the manufacturers. These include LIFT, DG Set, UPS, ACs etc

Car Parking

Car Parking

Car Parking facility is provided without any extra cost. In the event of non availability of slots, new members are kept in queue. There is large space all around the building to park outside. Being wooded internal roads, there is absolutely no restrictions in parking.

*Car Parking

Meeting Room Access

CoworkZone provides members, Free Access to meeting rooms. Members should inform floor manager in advance so that he blocks the room. Generally our meetings rooms would be free since the membership is not open to companies which have many customer visits. Meeting rooms are essential for internal team meetings, brainstorming, interviews etc

*Meeting Room Access


All team rooms are provided with lockers to keep laptops and other valuables under lock and key. The cabin door is also lockable and the key for the same will be with members.


Mineral Water

Our team will serve mineral water bottles to all the team members in the morning (no extra cost). During working hours, whenever refill is needed team members could walk down to the water cooler point. This is to limit entry of housekeeping team to the cabins, unless essential. For any support, housekeeping staff are available in each floor, all the time.

*Mineral Water


Your team members can order tea / coffee or soft drinks at the Cafeteria. Payment will be collected at the end of the month by our team. During lunch hours, our team will organize mineral water, plates etc. Members could bring own food or order from outside.

Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

CoworkZone has Coffee Machines to serve warm Coffee and Tea. Once in the morning session and once in the afternoon, our team will serve beverages inside the cabin. If you need in between, please feel free to ask our staff to deliver to your cabin. The payment for beverages can be made at end of the month.

*Coffee Machine

Soft Drinks

Cool soft drinks are available all the while. Whenever you need, please feel free to inform our floor staff. Will be served inside the cabin or in the lunch area. The payment can be done end of the month.

*Soft Drinks
Air Conditioned

Air Conditioning

All cabins are Air Conditioned to give you cool and healthy work environment. To ensure energy efficiency, you will have complete control. We have found minimal usage during winter months and controlled usage during summer.

*Air Conditioning

Security & Safety

The facility is completely safe & secure and only authorized or known people are given access. We do not intake companies which have regular visitors. Guests are stopped at the lift lobby itself.



The facility is provided with CCTV cameras to monitor guests entering the building and also to record all entries made to team cabins. 2 weeks video recording can be accessed anytime, if you have any need. Housekeeping & maintenance staff are well aware of continuous CCTV monitoring. We do not monitor cabin interior space. If you need to have remote access to video feed of your cabin, we will be happy to introduce service providers to fix IP Cameras inside

Bike Parking

Bike Parking

We have space to park bikes of all your team members. Parking stickers are provided to identify your employees. Visitors are guided to park outside.

*Bike Parking

Front Desk

Our staff is trained to take care of your guests lest they arrive when you are not in the office. All your post and courier consignments will be carefully received and handled.

*Front Desk


In all cabins Whiteboards are provided. Apart from this your team can use the front glass panel to scribble. Our staff will take care of erasing.

*White board


The building is provided with top quality lift by Johnson, one of the leading elevator and escalator companies in India. The equipment has continuous onsite maintenance warranty cover.


Mentor Connect

We will be happy to introduce startups to suitable mentors who are also members of premier Angel Networks including Hyderabad and Mumbai Angels.

*Mentor Connect

Accounting / Legal / HR / Payroll / Rental Computers & Laptops

CoworkZone would be happy to introduce third party service providers to take care of your Accounting / Legal / HR / Payroll / Rental Computers & Laptops needs. A more comprehensive list can be seen here »

*Accounting / Legal / HR / Payroll / Rental Computers & Laptops


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View of an 8 Seater Team Cabin at CoworkZone.

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